Game Of Thrones is just few hours away from screening it’s last season. HBO’s series is easily one of the most popular shows on the internet recently. The Show is going to air first episode of its last season in under 10 hours and fans can’t stop gushing about it all over the internet.

Few fans are so protective about the show that they have already boycotted whole social media just to avoid spoilers. At the same time few fans are so excited that they can’t stop tweeting about the possibilities of the plot in coming episode. In whatever case, every GOT fan just hates the spoilers and they gave the clear message today.

Recently when Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram went down for a couple of hours, many GOT fans took it to twitter. Where they showed sigh of relief over it as they won’t be getting any spoilers before the release of show.

Check Out few funny tweets of Game Of Thrones fans talking about Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram going down.

Few Fans even wished wrath of Thanos on the ones who give spoilers.

Few fans even claimed that the only person who can kill Thanos is Jon Snow.

Last season of Game Of Thrones will comprise of six episode. First episode will go on air today.

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