Nescafe basement

Here is something fresh from Nescafe Basement, we absolutely love it.

This time around Nescafe Basement decided to switch it up and present a track in English and we are all for it. Resistance by Abdullah Siddiqui is absolutely amazing. We get some strong vocals as well as amazing mix of music. It is all electric with Bass guitar, drums pads, Synth & Keys!

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This season has been full of pleasant surprises , be it well sung remakes or adorable child prodigies, they have got it all and some more!

Abdullah Siddiqui at Nescafe Basement

The lyrics are absolutely beautiful along with fitting vocals, the dim lights and neon jacket added flavor to the visuals. Overall the song is a treat and definitely something different for us to listen to!

People cannot stop raving about it either!

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Check out the song below and let us know you thoughts!

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