nescafe basement Gharoli & Ghoom Charakra

Nescafe Basement is on a roll and we are absolutely loving it!

This season has set the floor on fire, with amazing covers of some of the most beloved tracks like Mehbooba, Aaadat and Pyar Diya Gallan.

Nescafe Basement Gives Us Aadat Blues!

The most recent episode covered the famous track by the Sufi legend Abida Parveen, Gharoli -Ghoom Charakhra. The track has been covered by Tahseen Sakina, Asim Baluch & Adil Baluch.

Screen Grab from Gharoli -Ghoom Charakhra

Nescafe Basement All-kids Band Are A Musical Marvel & We Are In Awe!

The song has kept the soul of the original track alive and it will give you goosebumps. The music fusion again stand out while there are traditional instruments we also get to hear electric guitar which may be different, but is definitely mesmerizing.

Screen Grab from Gharoli -Ghoom Charakhra

Nescafe Basement Electrifies With Resistance

There is Dhool, Chitrali, Acoustic Guitar, Tabla, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar all gelled in together to create something magical. It will make you sway in to the soulful Qawwali. Tahseen hits the high notes and has a commanding voice that keeps you attention throughout the track!

This season has been extremely successful and checked all the right boxes in terms of creating exceptional music. Hats off to Xulfi for producing great music this season!

Nescafe Basement’s Mehbooba: Amazing Music Fusion Wrapped in Good Old Nostalgia

If you haven’t heard it yet check it out right here!

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