Nescafe Basement Pyar Diya Gallan

Nescafe Basement has really upped their game with season 5. With just three episodes in it is shaping up to be quite something! With beautiful rendition like Mehbooba to soulful Qawwali Haiderum to Bol Hu sung by the child prodigy Hadiya Hashmi, it keeps getting better.

The most recent episode featured an all children ensemble and we cannot get over how adorable it is! The band had message of love, peace and harmony. A mix of Punjabi and Urdu lyrics blended with some classical singing complemented with drums, piano, tabla, electric guitar, violin, ukulele, harmonium (mostly played by children) is an audio and visual treat. The fusion of all the musical instruments is just too good!

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The talented children singing in the track are Rajea Iman, Samiya Gohar, Fizza Batool, Muhammad AbuBakar, Sultan Muhammad Fateh Shah, Syed Haider, Shujaat Ali & Ali Mahoon . They are absolutely marvelous, the level of precision and mastery with which they took on the song, resultantly delivered it with a bang. We were completely left in awe!

Screen Grab from Pyar Diya Gallan

The song is a remake of the 90’s collaborative number by Fakhr-e-alam (Yatagan), Fringe Benefits and Yasir Akhter (The Arid Zone). All three bands were the face of the music scene back then. What is commendable about this season is that they know what they are doing when it comes to making remakes! As much as the original song was enjoyable, the remake is spot on.

Fakhr-e-Alam in Pyar Diya Gallan

Even the original track singer Fakhr-e-Alam was blown away by the rendition, and he was all praises and excited about this version.

Under the wing of music maestro Xulfi the show is really exploring untapped talent and giving them great exposure. We cannot wait for Friday to see what the upcoming episodes have to offer!

Till then have a listen to this amazing single!

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