Just as all dramas need a hero to tell a tale, they also need an antagonist to make the story more meaningful and intense. Both these characters play a vital role in the progression of any drama. Often we get to see an actor portraying a negative character so well that we can not help but marvel at their performance!

Here are some very well written, executed and performed villains essayed by some very fine actors who made us love and absolutely hate them in recent times!

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Adnan Siddiqui as Shehwar (Mere Paas Tum Ho)

Adnan Siddiqui’s strong screen presence and his realistic acting has made Shehwar, one of the most popular hated characters on Tv. Portraying a rich womanizer who keeps his bad eye on Danish’s wife, Shehwar instantly caught attention with his daunting and impactful aura which was translated onto the screen so well. His transition in the second half of the drama has made his character look weak and pathetic. Once again Adnan Siddiqui deserves credit for portraying the many different shades of this character so aptly.

Ayeza Khan as Mehwish (Mere Paas Tum Ho)

Just as Shehwar, Mehwish essayed by Ayeza Khan is another character who is being loved and hated for her apt performance as Mehwish. Not only does Ayeza Khan look beautiful as Mehwish, she also translates the characteristics of her role onto the screen very well! She is a greedy and selfish character who leaves her husband and child behind for a chance at a better life. Ayeza Khan’s on-screen presence is amazing and the way Mehwish is so easy to despise should be chalked up to the actress’ prowess and talent only! 

Bilal Abbas as Wajih (Cheekh)

Cheekh was surely one of the most impactful dramas that aired this year. The drama introduced us to the daring character of Mannat essayed by Saba Qamar and her nemesis, Wajih played by Bilal Abbas. Bilal Abbas took this opportunity to explore his potential and prove his mettle. Bilal Abbas’s realistic portrayal of Wajih was frightening and convincing. This was one of his best performances and he truly made us hate the notorious character of Wajih.

Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi (Khani)

Truly a talented actor, Feroze Khan’s portrayal of Mir Hadi was intense! Feroze Khan is able to translate his passion onto the screens very well. The actor won countless fans as Mir Hadi, who developed a love and hate relationship with him. His character transits from a ruthless and heartless man who murders Khani’s brother solely out of anger, to a love-stricken and God fearing man who seeks redemption. Feroze Khan did justice to Mir Hadi and won over fans.

Ushna Shah as Nigaar (Balaa)

Nigaar’s malicious and tactful nature made us hate her to the core. Ushna Shah as Nigaar was outstanding as she truly made people dislike her. Nigaar was one character who was conniving and two-faced. She claimed to be in love but ended up destroying her own family and that of her husband Taimoor’s. Balaa especially reaped a lot of love for its intense end. Ushna Shah did tremendous acting in this last episode and truly gave her best in depicting Nigaar’s steady descent into madness. The last episode of Balaa ended on a thrilling yet grim note as Taimoor (Bilal Abbas Khan) takes his ultimate revenge on Nigaar (Ushna Shah) He takes time to torture Nigaar which was honestly disturbing and it had people watching with their jaws dropped!

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Neelum Munir as Ulfat (Dil Mom Ka Diya)

Neelum Munir as Ulfat in Dil Mom Ka Diya was another splendid character whom we loved to hate! Neelum Munir’s performance was so apt that it seemed like she was born to play this role. She was despicable throughout the drama and honestly the life of the drama. She made Dil Mom Ka Diya truly a crisp and enjoyable watch.

Syed Jibran as Sahir (Ranjha Ranjha Kardi)

Noorie’s pseudo ranjha, Sahir essayed by Syed Jibran was another character we came to hate. This character was thoroughly selfish who continued to play with Noorie’s life. Complimented by Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf’s acting, Syed Jibran also made Ranjha Ranjha Kardi the success that it was.

Faysal Quershi as Hameed (Haiwan)

The monstrous character of Hameed was despicable to the core. Faysal Quershi as Hameed gave a brilliant performance. The maestro of acting, seasoned actor Faysal Quershi has long proved his mettle in acting with various kinds of roles to his credits. Haiwaan dealt with the sensitive issue of rape and murder, Faysal Quershi was able to convey the character’s inner conflict and monstrosity onto the screens very well.

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Imran Ashraf as Rehan (Inkaar)

Playing the antagonist in Inkaar, Imran Ashraf essayed the role of Rehan Chaudhry, son of an influential political leader who starts to harass Hajra (Yumna Zaidi) as she turns him down. After wooing the audiences with his performance as Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and catching attention as Rehan, Imran Ashraf needs to be praised for the diversity and versatility that he has. He surely made us loath him with his portrayal of a stubborn and spoilt son of a landlord who is used to getting his way, which is definitely worth applauding.

Who is your favorite antagonist?

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