The stylish Neelum Muneer has had an illustrious career. After making a name for herself on television and maintaining that stature with serials like Dil Mom Ka Diya, she is also focusing on films. After starring alongside Ahsan Khan in Chupan Chupai ,she will be seen along side Sami Khan in comedy flick Wrong No 2.

“Grab a Bucket of Popcorn & Enjoy” Sami Khan on Wrong No 2

The film is essentially a romantic comedy following the life of a young couple who are in love but things are not going their way.The film seems to comprise of various colorful characters that will keep the audience entertained.

We caught up with the gorgeous actress to find out more about her role and the film in general. Talking exclusively with EPK, she revealed that her character is Zoya who is in love.However her father is against this marriage.

“Why is her father against this marriage although he doesn’t even know the guy? Even though that guy is very close to my father. So the misunderstanding of not knowing and not willing to get her married to him, all the wrong numbers gather in the same house. To find out more you will have to watch Wrong No 2”

When asked which character did she like beside her own in the movie she revealed:

“Besides my character I really liked Shahnaz Apa’s character. In the movie she says my body is my temple.I feel like this is an interesting gesture that those people who are fat should have that much confidence. So I liked that”

Yasir Nawaz’s directorial film has released today nationwide and also internationally. So head out to the cinemas to catch this comedy flick.

From Murder Mystery to Comedy, Yasir Nawaz Reveals How Wrong No 2 Happened!


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