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Nawabzaade is the latest entry of the romantic comedies and fails. Film stars a fresh cast where three friends fall in love with a simple girl and do anything they could to just win her over.

Film tries to make you laugh and fall in love the humorous journey of the three guys but you can’t feel a thing. There are few laughable jokes but they are very rare. Story line is very weak and more than that it is very stereotype. It’s the same old story told many times in the past and we wonder why makers opted to make this one with such poor execution.

There weren’t much expectations from the film attached and film has even failed to live upto those expectations. Music lacks too with very ordinary background score. Performances were just ordinary as no character gives a memorable performance. It had lousy direction and overall is a disaster.

Film will be a sure shot disaster at boxoffice with nothing going in it’s favor.

Film Trade Analyst.


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