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“Naulakha” is a TV ONE serial based on rigid family decisions and their impact on all the generations. It has been written by Sana Shabbir Sandhu and Reema Ali Syed and has been directed by Scheherazade Sheikh.

Tehreem, (Sarwat Gillani) after getting to know that her friend, Shafak (Kiran Haqq) and her cousin, Zain Ali (Mirza Zain Baig) were engaged in their childhood, decides to sacrifice her love and refuses to marry Zain. Two alliances are formed, one of the siblings, Ahmad Ali (Behroz Sabzwari) and Mumtaz (Gul-e-Rana), and the other of Akbar Ali (Arjumand Hussain) and Noor Jehan (Bushra Ansari), the former being the youngest sibling of Ahmad Ali and Mumtaz and the latter being a widow of Ahmad Ali and Akbar Ali’s brother. While the elder siblings show stubbornness in their decision of marrying Tehreem to Zain, the other duo expresses its wish to wed Zain with Shafak in obedience of the decision made by their elders before dying.

Ahmad Ali and Mumtaz, however are not ready to believe on this decision since they were never told about it. They consider it a result of the love that was once between Akbar Ali and Noor Jehan which had resulted in their engagement once but unfortunately, not marriage. The importance of the episode lied in Zain taking a stand for his love for Tehreem and openly expressing that he does not wish to marry Shafak, for he loves her as a sister. In punishment of not obeying his elders’ decision, Zain is asked to leave the house in acceding to which he does not show in hesitation, for he has turned into a rebellious young man.

Sarwat Gillani as Tehreem in Naulakha

 The episode told how rigid decisions made by the elders of the family can result in conflicts and quarrels among children and can leave ever-lasting impacts on all the coming generations. A decision made by the grandfather of the family is not only resulting in hatred between the siblings but also between their children who have now grown up. The other message that we get through the character of Tehreem is of having the confidence and strength to let go of things we cannot think of living without. She asserts that she loved Zain but did not make an idol out of him to be worshiped forever.

Zain Baig as Zain Ali in Naulakah

We are to see till when Zain remains angry with his father and what steps do Tehreem and Shafak take. While Shafak has been shown a woman who is true to relations, we think of her as someone succumbing to all the pains which will cross her path. Tehreem, on the other hand is bent upon sacrificing her love for her friend but the coming episodes will tell if her mother and her mamoo will succeed in imposing their decision on her or not.


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