Critic Rating

Written by: Sana Shabbir Sandhu & Reema Ali Syed

Screenplay by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Sheherzade Sheikh

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

This episode of Naulakha has been full of sorrow for Noor Jahan Begum (Bushra Ansari) and Shafaq (Kiran Haque). Tehreem (Sarwat Gillani) feels the pain for Shafaq. But her mother and Qurat-ul-Ain (Sana Askari) are happy on the defeat of Noor Jahan Begum and Shafaq. Traditions of the Hawaili are so much bitter and harsh but the ladies are to accept it anyway. Family politics and bitterness between relations is affecting the lives of each of the person living there. Both the families of Zain (Mirza Zain Baig) and Tehreem are happy with their engagement.

Zain Ali asked Shafaq to talk to Tehreem and convince her for marrying him. He has broken the hearts of both Shafaq and Noor Jahan Begum. Is not it total selfishness of him what he has done to Shafaq who is madly in love with him? He thinks that Shafaq is a brave-hearted girl and will be able to bear this grief. However, Shafaq has a practical thinking which is admirable. She knows very well that marrying Zain against his will would never bring happiness to her life. That is why she has got ready to tolerate the pain and suffering of parting ways from Zain.

But this thing is not at all tolerable for Noor Jahan Begum. Surely, she is up to something and determined to take revenge for her defeat. She may be right on her part; however, she must admit that Shafaq can’t stay happy with Zain when he wants to marry Tehreem. Noor Jahan Begum will surely never let the couple stay happy. The heartbroken lady will do one thing or the other to create a trouble in the family.

If we compare Shafaq with Tehreem, Zain has given preference to Tehreem because she is a moderate and educated girl while Shafaq is a domesticated one like Noor Jahan Begum. Unluckily, Shafaq is going through the same pain which Noor Jahan Begum had to bear. Shafaq has a consolation from her uncle that she will have the best reward of her patience and sacrifice of love.

In the engagement scene, flowers in background and gifts lying on center table were giving a great look. Tehreem was also looking very gorgeous in traditionally embroidered bridal dress with red and green dupatta and light jewelry. The setting and decor of Hawaili were giving an ancient and pretty traditional feel with heavy wooden furniture and bedding. The locations of Tehreem’s home are very spacious and beautiful with glass walls. Production design department deserves full marks for their efforts. DoP has also done a good job with a balance of close-ups and long/x-long shots. We can see settings and background also in the frames.

So far, the story has many-sided conflicts, each character is dealing with. Let’s see what happens next and how the characters are going to fight their battles.


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