Written by: Sana Shabbir Sandhu & Reema Ali Syed

Screenplay by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Shehrazade Sheikh

Produced by: 7th Sky Entertainment

This episode did not have much to offer nor did the story of the drama progress much. It is increasingly becoming common in dramas, that the mother-to-be suffers a miscarriage due to an accident and is no longer able to bear a child.

It so happened that Zain Ali (Mirza Zain Baig) also suffered the accident however he was completely fine. He did not even sustain a scar whereas his wife lost her ability to bear a child.

Tehreem (SarwatGillani) is depressed at the news. The sad news comes to the entire family as a bolt of lightning and they are all shattered especially Tehreem and her mother, Mumtaz (Gul-e-Rana)

Shafaq (Kiran Haque) shows a lot of care for Tehreem. Not only in the hospital but also at home, she takesgood care of Tehreem. Shafaq is providing a shoulder for her to cry on. As soon as Shafaq got to know about Tehreem’s accident, she comes to console Tehreem.

On the other hand, Noor Jahan Begum (Bushra Ansari) has shown no sympathy for Tehreem. She didn’t come to see her even once. It is pretty obvious that Noor Jahan Begum is going to use this new change in the favor of Shafaq. She has clearly talked to Akbar Ali (Syed ArjumandAzhar) about the second marriage of Zain.

Now everything depends on Zain and what he chooses to do. Given how much he loves Tehreem, we can say he will not marry Shafaq as Noor Jahan Begum has planned.

This episode was shot indoor and looked gloomy with no outdoor scene. The viewers must be feeling the sadness throughout but will see a huge twist in the next one. The promo of the next episode suggests that both the husband and wife are going to adopt the son of Quratul Ain (Sana Askari). But the thing is, that Quratul Ain’s son the grandson of Anwar Ali (BehrozeSabzwari). This will surely create more troubles in the future.



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