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Written by: Sana Shabbir Sandhu & Reema Ali Syed

Screenplay by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Shehrazade Sheikh

Produced by: 7th Sky Entertainment

Shafaq (Kiran Haque), Noor Jahan Begum (Bushra Ansari), and Anwar Ali (Behroze Sabzwari) were unhappy on the planning of the new home of Tehreem (Sarwat Gillani) and Zain Ali (Mirza Zain Baig). It is a routine matter, not a very big and debatable issue. However, the actual thing behind this is that all the three persons feel jealous of the couple and can’t see them living happily. Akbar Ali (Syed Arjumand Azhar) cleared the matter that it is Zain Ali wants to settle in the city because of his job.

The second was there is no good news of a baby from Tehreem yet. It is a very bad rather outdated custom of our society that a couple must have a baby within one year of their marriage. Children are the blessing of Allah Almighty and human beings are helpless if there is a delay. But Noor Jahan Begum made it a point of debate with Mumtaz (Gul-e-Rana) in a scene. She still thinks that by a chance of luck she can turn tables on Mumtaz and Tehreem. That’s why she said:

Qismat par itna naaz nahin hona chahiye. Qismat agar palat jaye tau insaan sochta hi reh jata hay keh yeh kiya ho gaya.”

This is surely going to impact the story very significantly as being the matter of future heir of the hawaili. This can prove to be a trump card in the hands of Noor Jahan Begum with the help of which she will try her best to change the fate of Shafaq. If Tehreem proved to be unlucky in this matter, Noor Jahan Begum will definitely make every possible effort to remarry Zain with Shafaq. However, when they got the good news of Tehreem expecting a baby finally, she asked Akbar Ali to invite the family of the new boy for Shafaq. Her plans came to an end disappointingly.

On the other side, Quratul Ain (Sana Askari) wants Tehreem to give birth to a daughter. This way, she wants to marry Tehreem’s future daughter with her son and become the owner of naulakha.

7th Sky Entertainment deserve an applause to bring to the screen a different story where a piece of jewelry has got so much precious that all the family politics is circling around it. The director and the writers are evolving the story brilliantly with new changes and conflicts episode by episode.

A sweet romantic gesture between Tehreem and Zain was pleasing to see when they were planning how to construct their new home. The episode ended on a possible accident which is going to hurt the life of the couple as well as giving a solid advantage to their opponents.



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