Critic Rating

Written by: Sana Shabbir Sandhu & Reema Ali Syed

Screenplay by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Sheherzade Sheikh

Produced by: 7th Sky Entertainment

Naulakha has got a turn toward new conflicts in this episode. We have seen what is going on into the minds of all characters of the story concerning naulakha. This naulakha is actually the bone of contention among all family relations. Jealousy, greediness for wealth, intolerance, the sacrifice of love, possessiveness, conspiracies – many of the things are attached to the piece of jewel, naulakha.

Noor Jahan Begum (Bushra Ansari) wanted to move naulakha to Shafaq (Kiran Haq) to keep it into her possession. Also, the elder uncle of Shafaq (Behroze Sabzwari) had also a plan same like that. But after the marriage of Zain Ali (Mirza Zain Baig) with Tehreem (Sarwat Gillani) both of them are failed. Now we are going to see their selfishness, cunningness, and greed in real meanings.

Shafaq is going through the real and toughest test of her life. After losing her love and helplessly seeing him as becoming the groom of Tehreem, she is totally shattered from inside. She is a brave-heart and trying to perform her duties normally. She is not letting to show any signs of defeat from her expressions.

Noor Jahan Begum had to kill her ego to go to bring Tehreem from her home. But we saw clear taunts and jealousy for each other in the words for Mumtaz (Gul-e-Rana) and Noor Jahan. It is quite evident that Zain Ali and Tehreem will be the ones to affect the most because of the naulakha. After Shafaq, they are going to suffer the most and their relationship will be on the stake. Tehreem has fully tried to create a soft corner in the heart of Noor Jahan but the things are going to be really hard for her marital life.

A few things were pretty missing: one, the marriage ceremony and the event of rukhsati of Tehreem from her family home; second, naulakha was not shown. The episode started directly from the scene when the bride and groom come to Hawaili.

Production design department has a very huge responsibility concerning the design side of a TV show. The look of Naulakha is extremely refined whether it is Hawaili or any other location. We see mosaic flooring, antique type of wooden cupboard/wardrobe, and bed-set etc. which clearly gives a clue of the lifestyle of the family living in. Whereas, the bungalow of Tehreem’s family gives another look. The rooms are well lit with natural light because of the glass walls. Furniture, props, décor, and interior is totally different from the Hawaili. Wedding settings, dresses, and bridal makeup of Sarwat Gillani were great. She and Mirza Zain Baig were looking gorgeous in the grayish bridal dress and golden sherwani respectively.

This episode has ended on a new beginning of conflicts, lies, and blames. Tehreem has concealed from Akbar Ali (Syed Arjumand Azhar) that she has given the naulakha to her mother. The next one will be worth watching.


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