The family drama, Kam Zarf has been garnering a lot of love and attention. Aima is essayed by Nadia Khan who is the eldest of four siblings. Burdened with the responsibility of raising her younger siblings, the character has grown resentful and bitter. Nadia Khan’s acting as Aima is truly bewitching. The character has formed a bittersweet relationship with the audiences.

In the latest episodes of the drama, Aima finds herself being challenged and provoked by Faria. While Fozia has never dared to raise her voice with Aima, Faria the new addition to their family is here to teach Aima a lesson.

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In a tit for tat move, Faria also breaks a glass after Aima breaks one in anger. Faria reciprocates and makes it clear to Aima that she will not be bullied. This in particular raises a lot of tensions in the house and has the audiences waiting in anticipation to see how this tension will resolve.

Aima who has never been challenged before is left awestruck. The drama’s fast pace and raising tensions have really made the drama all the more interesting. Junaid Khan’s character acts like a mediator in most situations in the drama as he is generally calming everyone down. Alongside him is Rubab Hashim as Fozia who is another very naive and mild personality. The duo also gives convincing performances and their blooming romance has been one of the adorable aspects of the drama.

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In addition, Aima is nearing her marriage with Nabeel. To make this marriage happen, she has demanded her share in property. We also see in the promo of the next episode that Aima is growing more and more impatient for her share as she is in a hurry to marry Nabeel. While viewers adore Nadia Khan’s acting, Aima’s character is generally been disliked. Therefore audiences are glad to see Aima falling into a trap.

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However, the promo of the next episode shows that Aima has started to suspect Nabeel. This could possibly mean that Aima might be able to save herself. We will just have to wait and watch to find out!

Aima’s character may come across as one dimensional. She is villainous and does not seem to have any redeeming qualities. Nevertheless her character arc surely keeps the drama crisp!

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