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Nadia Khan is without doubt one of the most talented and diverse actresses of television. After her comeback, the actress has appeared in several genres. From tragic dramas such as Kaisi Hai Tanhai to portraying a damsel in distress in Zun Mureed, Nadia Khan is currently being adored in a bittersweet character of Aima in Kam Zarf.

Dolly Darling’s Comical BTS prove that we are in for a laughing riot!

This Ramzan, the lively actress is channeling her positivity in a comedy series alongside Aijaz Aslam. The drama stared airing from 1st Ramzam. The exciting series is surely garnering a lot of attention. We caught up with Nadia Khan who told us all that makes Dolly Darling special!!

What attracted you to the series?

The more simple the script of a comedy series is, the more it is liked. Comedy is a very tough to execute and can only be done by those who are natural. Those who do natural comedy can do wonders with even a bad script! Or the script is so good that it works.

The good thing about Dolly Darling is that its script is out of the world. It is so well written by Dr Younis Butt, it is genuinely hilarious. You are in fits by just reading it, just imagine, when it is executed how amazing it will turn out! When I received its initial few episode there wasn’t one episode that was similar to the other. The story is so unusual that I am amazed at how he came up with this idea!

How is this different from other sitcoms?

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi told me that this is not a sitcom but in fact a comedy series. It is being treated like a drama serial and we have the budget equivalent to that and we are treating it like one as well.

Comedy as a genre is often mistreated, how did you do things differently?

I’m glad that they treated it properly, there was no rush no matter how many days it took to complete shooting of a single episode, all the outdoor shoots, set, costumes whatever was required was made available. The wardrobe was designed two weeks prior to the episode shoot. We had designers coming in for every episode. Comedy is a genre that is most loved by our audience but unfortunately they aren’t given quality comedy.

With Dolly Darling this wasn’t the case, the series had a big budget. The producers made it very clear that no expense will be spared no compromises need to be made. We took our time to shoot every episode and many were surprised that this is not how a sitcom work.

If you don’t get one episode done in a day then you are incurring a loss. In case of Dolly Darling no one fret over these issues, because we were creating something new and I am very happy that just like I became part of morning shows trend when it was just starting out, I was part of setting a trend even on YouTube, and now this is also going to be a trendsetter.

What can audiences expect from Dolly Darling?

Our audiences deserve quality entertainment, because we have so many artistic people in Pakistan, so why serve them with low quality product? The good thing is that people have started to like good quality content on which some effort has been put in. This series will be enjoyed in Pakistan and all over the world by people who understand Urdu . In fact it should be dubbed so that people can see that this kind of comedy is also made in Pakistan.

We still watch series like Friends and Two and A Half Men, we only have limited popular comedy series like 50,50. We don’t have that many comedy series at the moment. This is an original concept by Dr Younis Butt.

Catch the series on Geo TV!

Aijaz Aslam and Nadia Khan pair up for a comedy drama!


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