The versatile actress Nadia Jameel has been away from television for some time and she is certainly missed. Recently the actress sat down with veteran actress Samina Peerzada for her show. Among many things she revealed something shocking and admirable at the same time.

SRK’s Zero Lifetime Boxoffice Collections In Pakistan

The Behadd star while talking about opportunities revealed that she was offered a role in a Bollywood movie opposite King Khan. However she turned down the role because it was between doing that movie or being a mother. The choice was without doubt obvious for her. Nothing can take over from being a mother so she turned down the role for her children.

She was offered the role of Rani Mukherjee in Veer Zara . It was a turning point for the star’s career when she met the late Yash Chopra who offered her the role. Her youngest son was two months old and she did not want to compromise her time with him even though her mother had offered help.

Meera’s Baaji Cleared By Censor Board

The actress is very vocal about certain issues. After finding out that Samina Peerzada’s show is sponsored by a fairness cream brand, she distanced herself from the show as she termed fairness creams as “heinously racist and demoralizing”. However she did make it very clear that she has no disrespect for Samina Peerzada herself , but in fact has much love for her!


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