Nabeel Zafar bids farewell to BOL

The President and CEO of BOL Entertainment, Nabeel Zafar has parted ways from Bol Entertainment. Nabeel Zafar has been the appointed CEO of BOL Entertainment since last four years now. He began his career as an actor in 1990s and has since acted in various plays. The multi-talented Nabeel Zafar also holds the unique honor of acting as well as producing the most watched sitcom in Pakistan’s history, “Bulbulay”.

While announcing his decision to leave BOL, the actor and producer said, “After four years I’m leaving BOL. My best wishes and prayers are with BOL team!! As I will be restarting my own production house MIF again Inshaa Allah. I will be needing all the prayers and support of my friends my family and most of all my show biz fraternity!

Nabeel Zafar who is also the CEO of MIF productions, will now be focusing on his own production house, MIF.


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