Here's why you should watch Kaisa Hai Naseeban

Kaisa Hai Naseeban stars the handsome Muneeb Butt and the very pretty Ramsha Khan in the lead. Currently Muneeb Butt is garnering a lot of love and attention from his role in Koi Chaand Rakh and Baandi. Kaisa hai Naseeban is an Idream Production helmed by Ahmed Bhatti.

In an exclusive interview with Epk, Muneeb Butt talked about his drama “Kaisa hai Naseeban” which is airing on ARY tomorrow. Here are a few reasons why you should watch this drama, exclusively by Muneeb Butt himself!

We asked him the following questions!

What made you choose this drama?

“The story of this drama is extremely realistic. It is based on marital abuse. I believe this was a fitting message because there are many cases happening now where parents tend to marry their daughters abroad without investigating much. They only see that the boy is settled abroad and presume that everything is well. Whereas they need to investigate more.”

What is your character like? What do you like and dislike about your character?

“My character is called Ahmed. He is a loud and a violate person. He used to belong to a rich family but after the death of his father, they lose their wealth. They are settled in Malaysia. He has grown up seeing his father hit his mother and has developed a psychology that it is okay to hit your wife.

He still acts like he is rich whereas he is not. In addition, he doesn’t have the knowhow of how to run a business. He is short tempered and he treats his wife badly. He thinks his wife is his property and he can do as he likes with her.

I like the fact that my character gives me a lot of margin to act. He has many different shades. He is different with his mother, different with his sister and different with his wife.

I generally dislike such characters. We have made this drama to counter such characters and to tackle the issue of marital abuse. “

How has your experience working on this drama been?

“My experience has been amazing.  Ahmed Bhatti is an amazing director, I have worked with Idream before. They are very professional. They generally put in a lot of effort. Also, I enjoyed my shoots in Malaysia. I befriended Malaysians and it was a lot of fun.”

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Why should everyone watch this drama?

“Everyone should watch this drama as it has a great message embedded, it highlights those black aspects of our society which people deem as taboo and therefore they do not discuss them. They marry their daughter abroad and if she comes back then they try to cover up for her and choose not to disclose what she went through.

So its such a good lesson for those parents who marry their daughters abroad without through investigation. They marry them off to USA, Dubai or anywhere. Then the girls have to face serious problems there. So I hope people will learn from this drama.”

Catch Kaisa Hai Naseeban tomorrow at 8pm on ARY.

Watch the teaser of the drama here:


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