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6th March Wednesday 2019 dramas: Kaisa Hai Naseeban VS Qaid Vs Tajeedewafa

All the stops were pulled this week in each respective episodes of Kaisa Hai Naseeban, Qaid and Tajdeed e Wafa, and we don’t know where to start! While these dramas have generally done well in terms of buzz, this week was out of all episodes the best ones!

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Kaisa Hai Naseeban (ARY) IDream Productions

Finally some sort of justice! Waheed had taken Mariam to his and Sana’s house last episode and this week Sana’s annoyance at this becomes increasingly visible until she accuses Mariam and Waheed of having an affair and angrily leaves. Mariam of course follows her back home and tries to apologize, but as soon as Ahmed finds out he once again beats her brutally.

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This time Mariam gets extremely injured and when she is rushed to the hospital, her baby has died and she no longer is capable of giving birth. The doctors and Waheed suggest filing a lawsuit against Ahmed and his family but Mariam refuses and begs Waheed to let her go back to Pakistan.

Waheed’s own anger at this turn of events leads to him divorcing Sana. Ahmed on the other hand realizes he’s going to get in trouble and runs back to Pakistan to Mariam’s parents, who are as of yet unaware of what has occurred.

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By now we are so into this drama that even two episodes a week seems little! It is amazing how well the cast is doing, with everyone giving their best performances. Even though he is easily the most hated character right now, Muneeb Butt deserves applause for how believable he has made his character, and equally talented is Ramsha Khan and we hope Mariam’s character gets what she deserves in future episodes!

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Qaid (Geo Tv) Showcase Productions

Reham had run away to her father’s funeral last episode, and this week we pick off from there when her brother and rest of the family try to kick her out but surprisingly Ashir comes to her aid and tells them to let her grieve her father. That is where his sympathy ends, however, as when he takes her home Ashir tells Reham not to say a word to anyone.

Reham also tells Bari Apa the truth behind who had sent the messages, but Tasneem overhears and her and Tufeeq plan on how to suppress this information from the ears of Sofia, but Sofia hears part of this and starts to suspect something is amiss.

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A scene at the end with Suboor hints that the truth might come out but not in a beneficial way to Reham. Now that someone else knows what actually had happened, we might finally see some progression in the story which until now had been severely lacking. Only with this episode have we started seeing some change and perhaps in next episodes this will speed up.

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Tajdeed e Wafa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

Things escalated pretty quickly in Tajdeed e Wafa as well. While Arsal is begging Hareem to marry him again, Vareesha finds out why he is there and lies to her mother by telling her that Arsal had promised to marry her.

When her mother tells this to Arsal’s father, he promises her that Arsal would marry Vareesha. When Arsal tries to defend himself, Vareesha shows his father pictures of the two of them that convince his father that this marriage really needs to happen.

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Angered, Arsal vows to get revenge and finds his chance when he catches Vareesha mistreating his mother and films it. Now that he has the upper hand, Arsal awaits his chance.

Tajdeed e Wafa has all of a sudden really fastened its pace and this episode was by far the most enjoyable, even though Vareesha has become our least liked character. Arsal has also started becoming dislikeable in the way he refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. But apart from that, it was a fairly good episode and now things will get exciting for Tajdeed e Wafa.

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So Wednesday’s winner is Kaisa Hai Naseeban. The ratings came in favor of Kaisa Hai Naseeban and our personal favorite was also this drama. Now that there has been so much progression, we’re starting to see Kaisa Hai Naseeban becoming a memorable drama. Do give this drama a watch and see for yourself!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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