Two Hollywood releases along with King Khan’s Zero!

With the weekend approaching everyone is on the look out for fun activities to do. We would like to help you out in our segment “movies this Friday!”  If you are thinking of heading out to the movies, here are the latest movies to hit the theaters this weekend.


Zero is the big budget SRK’s movie that has released today in cinemas.  Beside Shah Rukh the movie has Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif.  The movie centers around a vertically challenged man, an emotionally distraught actress and a scientist that has cerebral palsy.  For more on zero follow our live feed.

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Based on DC Comics character, the trailer introduces Aquaman as the son of the land and sea. He is approached by a women from the sea who informs him that his half brother is about to declare war on land. She tries to convince him to claim his place as King.



Bumblebee is another take on transformers, however it looks like it is only Bumblebee up against the enemy autobots and the miltary. The movie stars John Cena and Hailee Stienfield .Set in 1987,  Bumblebee is found by an 18 year old girl Charlie (Hailee Stienfiled) who sticks with him to help fight this war.


So which one will you be going for, SRK’s romantic charm or action packed sci-fi Hollywood releases?


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