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Mahira Khan & Bilal Ashraf starrer Superstar is an exploration of this dialogue. A struggling actress meets a superstar Sameer Khan, they fall in love only to be left heartbroken. Superstar is a love story which has been told nicely, up until the interval at least. The movie is a good watch up till then after which it incorporates too much to show that everything is downhill for Sameer. All the subplots were short lived more like a touch a go situation giving no depth to Sameer.

Superstar is about both the hero and heroine,hence it required both to be strong and relatable. While we were able to relate to Noor, and sympathize with her. Sameer on the other hand remained someone who broke Noor’s heart. While they took time building up their love, post conflict , the ending came off a little unconvincing. We didn’t really see Sameer trying too hard to repent. Instead he was sent on a journey of self-discovery when his initial attempt with Noor failed. Both things should have gone hand in hand to make it more convincing.

Azaan Sami Khan’s screenplay gave a great opening. Considering Pakistan’s treatment of comedy, the humor and light moments in the script were actually funny.The dialogues are beautifully written and some are very memorable as well. Having said that,the narrative got entangled into subplots midway through its run.

Mahira Khan as always was exceptional and the way she owned Noori’s transition was admirable. Though they took a jump from her heartbreak to her becoming a superstar we could relate to her struggle. Her transition from a simple Bhatti Gate gal to the glamorous superstars Noor Malik is also smoothly done by the actor. She makes Noori really live both the phases convincingly.

Bilal Ashraf on the other hand has grown a lot from Janaan to Superstar, especially while romancing on screen he did exceedingly well. However there were parts where he came off as someone not breaking out of his shell.The scenes where he had to exhibit frustration and anger were the ones that didn’t come out quite right. This is the dilemma of Superstar, while the heroine is strong the hero lagged in some areas making the whole experience somewhat dissatisfying.

The rest of the cast did well on screen. Alizeh Shah as Chutki was adorable and natural in her avatar. Ali Kazmi’s transition from a struggling director to an established filmmaker was also translated well by the actor. The veteran actors including Marina Khan Javed Shiekh and Nadeem Baig were given roles with substance and not just used as fillers. Nadeem Baig’s character was one of my favorite .Asma Abbas was your typical mother and added lightness to the film in her limited presence. As far as the cameos are concerned none had much impact. They were just there to add more variety to the film.

We had already established that Superstar has brilliant music and watching it on silver screen was a real treat. The grand production value, set design, with a lot of focus given to lightening the film was a visual treat. The art direction, locations and cinematography is at par .We didn’t expect anything less than great attention to detail from Ehteshamuddin. He carries the story well however cannot keep it consistent throughout.

Overall, Superstar is the closest we have gotten to having a pure love story. It is an earnest attempt and did have all flavors of a commercial film making it a one time watch, but don’t go in expecting too much from the film.


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  1. Zia August 21, 2019

    This is the truest review I've read of the movie so far. I went in with zero expectations and came out with such warmth and endearment that it overshadowed my experience of watching PHL the very next day. Despite it's flaws Superstar still managed to tug at our heartstrings. I absolutely loved Nadeem sahab's role and the manner in which the theatre was shown. Mahira truly is a star and there's no denying it. Bilal doesn't even look the same guy from Janaan or Rangreza, I'm happy about his progress and wish him well in the future too.