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Simmba is an entertaining, intense, action-packed punch with an old school Bollywood formula and a very preachy tone yet it might be considered a better film amongst the genre. Rohit Shetty returns to the director’s chair and showcases his command over the particular police revenge genre that he has managed to make his own over the years.  

The story follows the protagonist, Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba, a corrupt cop trying to make a buck with his amoral ways. As Simmba is transferred out of his old town Shivgadh , he is given a free reign to do whatever he likes but the only rule is not to mess with the chief antagonist, Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood). A collision course was inevitable to kick things into the fifth gear.

Ranveer Singh brings a very unique dynamism to his role with a blend of his bravado and comedic charm. Though the character might not be as complex as Khilji in Padmavat, Ranveer essays the character brilliantly by bringing his energetic performance into the mix.  

Keeping in view of the genre, the script was well balanced and managed to maintain the pace quite well. The scope and scale is grand like it should be in a Rohit Shetty film. The song “Ankh Maare” was certainly memorable and deserved its spot in the film despite the trend of full “Bollywood Dance Numbers” going out of fashion lately.

The first half plays out really well in establishing the narrative and keeping the interest levels high. We get to see the Rohit Shetty styled comedic tropes and some witty one liner which got a few chuckles out of the audiences. Simmba’s Police entourage consists of the usual police comedians like Tavare and the customary straight up cop, Mohile. They are up to their usual police antics and their presence creates for some amusing situations.

The romantic arc between Shagun (Sara Ali Khan) and Simmba however is a little less convincing and felt more forced than it should have been. We never really get to see Sara Ali Khan’s range of talent like she displayed in Kedernath. 

We do get to see some convincing scenes in the process of Simmba’s metamorphosis like his relationship with the teacher of the street kids named Akruti. Perhaps the part of the protagonist’s transformation and series of relationships with other people is handled pretty well.

Even though there wasn’t anything new to offer in Simmba, the first half of the movie was well balanced in terms of the genre specific elements used like comedy, emotions and the trashy 80’s style masculinity. The movie is evidently is captivating enough till the interval. Let’s face it, everybody knew the climax was going to be epic after watching the trailer and it definitely was but there is a dilemma.

The second half of the film felt too heavy on the social justice rhetoric. It felt too preachy at times. Rape is a sensitive subject. A heavy dose of social messaging can sometimes make the story too much tedious. This might be the case for a chunk of the second half.

But let’s not let it take away from the fact that Simmba is a highly entertaining, action packed and an unrelenting movie. Ranveer’s depiction as Simmba is certainly catchy. This might not be a high concept movie like Andhdhun but Rohit Shetty creates something for the common man, “a mass masala entertainment”.

 Singham’s entry is sure to get a huge buzz from the crowd but don’t just get up and leave at the end. There is a surprise before the end credits. The Singham Cinematic Universe is getting bigger and more epic.  

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