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After Project Ghazi, Shehryar Munawar is back with Parey Hut Love (a comparison I thought I would never make) . Just like the former this one is yet another ambitious project. Sheheyar Munawar and Maya Ali starrer romantic comedy follows a typical rom-com track. A girl and boy meet at a desi wedding, get infatuated , only for them to break up just as fast as they had fallen in love. And hence begins the film!

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The film is entirely from the perspective of Sheheryar who has commitment phobia which makes him mess things up with Saniya (Maya Ali) by the time he realizes his mistake it is too late. There is no depth given to their relationship it begins and ends but the audience doesn’t even feel sad about it because they haven’t been able to build a connection with the couple or even the characters individually.

Maya Ali as Saniya keeps appearing and disappearing throughout the movie. She is a good actor but unfortunately she is not given much to work with in this one. She may be the female protagonist but her screen presence is not so much. Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Butt are impressive in their avatars. Their roles add lightness to the film however their presence is very limited as well.One thing that the film does establish is that Zara is an actor meant for silver screen and we hope to see her in more films. Hina Dilpazer is the most cringe worthy actor in the film, her comic role has been turned into over-acting by the seasoned actor which is very sad.

While Saniya and Sheheryar’s plot line is unexplored, the one towards the end with Mahira Khan also comes without any build up. Whatever happens in-between is very cliché and not much important either. Mahira stuns us in her extended cameo but her presence has not been fully exploited. Same is the case with all the other numerous cameos that come and go without any impact. Meera’s cameo is probably the only one that fulfills its purpose as she amazes us with her flawless dance in Ik Pal.

The dilemma of Parey Hut Love is that despite its grandeur picture perfect frames and beautiful cinematography, the film is set in a delusional world where disjointed screenplay and a strong disconnect of audiences from the characters is considered acceptable.

The makers have not felt the need for building up relations or the story for that matter. They are formed instantly after one meeting and some long distance interaction, and end just as quickly. It is assumed that the audience can read the writer’s mind so they have not wasted any time making the characters fall in love, instead they start off from a point where they are already in love.The film has been divided into chapters yet one chapter doesn’t transition smoothly into another. They start rather abruptly and end without any closure.

The music of the film is an audio and visual treat making it the only entertaining content of the entire film.The film has been shot beautifully and a lot of attention has been giving to color scheming, dresses, sets and overall theme of every frame.

This is especially noticeable in the songs of the film like Ik Pal has a pink theme, full of colors and aesthetically beautiful. Hayee Dil Bechara follows a rather pastel theme be it the decor or the dresses of the girls in particular. Zihaal e Miskin incorporates rain and overall dull colors to establish loss where as Morey Saiyan is the epitome of a courtesan dancing in a courtyard for a special audience. The end result is a beautifully picturised film by the director Asim Raza which unfortunately has a half-baked script. It seems that the film has been shot on the first story board put together by the makers.

Asim Raza has undoubtedly elevated the level of film making in Pakistan with a visual cinematic marvel which is a class apart. However, lavish production value, illustrious set design, beautiful art direction and visually astounding locations impeccably captured in every frame will draw the audience to the cinema but they will leave feeling extremely unfulfilled.

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