It is the first time in a hiatus of 4 weeks that no new film has released in Pakistan. Indian content is also temporarily banned by Exhibitors. Cinemas are currently banking upon holdover Pakistani and English films while occupancies are very low in cinemas.

In addition, many major cinema chains have closed some of their screens temporarily. One of the most important films Captain Marvel did not release in Pakistan which further worsened the situation.

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However on Pakistan Day Weekend i.e. 22nd March, we are going to see the release of three new films. Although these three releases are not anticipated to be blockbusters but the entire industry does have high hopes from the them. The industry hopes they will perform well and will prove to be auspicious for the cinema industry.

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The first film is the Mikaal Zulfiqar starrer SherDil. The film is based on the journey of an Air Force’s pilot. SherDil has decent buzz. ARY Films have been doing efficient promotions of the film. Moreover the film’s release timing is appropriate as the content is suitable to Pakistan Day which falls on Saturday. The film will definitely be allocated huge numbers of shows and if the content clicks with the audience, then the film can turn out to be a surprise hit.

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The second release on 22nd March is Ahmad Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha’s Laal Kabootar. Laal Kabootar has not managed to create much hype. While its trailer and song also did not get much attention. Nevertheless in the current situation, film will be allocated a good amount of screens and shows. Hopefully the film will outperform expectations so that occupancies pick up and audiences get back to theaters.

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The third film to release on 22nd is the first International release since 21st February, the day Punjabi film “High End Yaariyaan” released. This film is none other than “Us” by Universal Pictures. It comes from the acclaimed makers of 2017’s Get Out. “Get Out” raked in a lot of success from North America and also got Oscar nominations.

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However, this film is a horror thriller and is targeting a niche audience. The content does not cater to the larger chunk of Pakistani audiences but since there have been many open weeks, industry want this film to work well for the welfare of the Cinema Industry.

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Hence, the next Weekend is very important for Pakistani Cinema. Everyone has high hopes attached with these films. It will be interesting to see if these films can match those expectations or not.

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