18th March Monday 2019 Dramas: Dil Kia Karay VS Bandish

Dil Kia Karay (Geo) 7th Sky Entertainmnet

After the fiasco that Arman’s mother pulled last few episodes about his and Aimen’s friendship, Arman begins to consider his place in Aimen’s life and decides he would be better off away from here. And so he comes to the decision to go to USA for a job offer. This news is taken well by most of the family but surprisingly it is Arman’s mother who is the saddest about him leaving.

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Arman overhears his mother talking about how Aimen was almost going to get married to Arman, and after that he becomes wary of his mother’s intentions. This divide is of course increased now as Arman leaves for a new life.

Meanwhile Aimen and Saadi are still shown happy and now Aimen is about to have a baby. Their story does seem bland now in comparison to Arman who is far more interesting of a character than the two combined. Saadi especially is not sympathetic at all and the audience would definitely be on Arman’s side. Regardless, the episode was adequate but they seem to leave a lot of loose ends for many episodes without referencing them again.

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Bandish (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

This week’s episode showed Sumbul destroy the once-peaceful relationship between Madiha and her daughters themselves. Having infiltrated Aleena through the other girl, Sumbul now has her manipulate Aleena into destroying Sania’s prospects of marriage.

The blame falls on Madiha and now Sania believes Madiha does not want her to get married. In a strange twist, Sania who is seeking help ends up at Sumbul’s place and Sumbul yet again manages to get her in her control. It seems every person is playing into Sumbul’s hand very easily. The only one person who could have helped them, Izhar Bhai, is out of the picture due to his family.

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Only Hania seems to be in control of her senses and accidentally discovers that there is some other child apart from Aleena inside their house behind the scenes. So her curiosity gets the best of her and she starts investigating. Although she no longer has help from Hamza, it seems Hania will be the one to blow the cover off from what is really happening while Hania and Madiha are falling under the effects of the black magic.

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Each character in the drama is definitely employed well and no one is a throw-away character; everyone serves a purpose. Now that the family itself is turning against each other things have gotten even more interesting than before but we really hope there is progression regarding Sumbul. For now, the only focus seems to be the black magic and the harms it is causing to the family but no solution is in sight. Perhaps the director is taking his sweet time building up tension but at some point we hope he moves on!

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Dil Kia Karay was not the same heartwarming drama as before and largely because some of the characters have no screen power or interesting qualities to keep us watching. On the other hand Bandish is wildly exciting and has many memorable moments in each episode. So our winner this time will be Bandish!

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