18 February Monday 2019 dramas:

The three dramas of Monday, Aatish, Dil Kia Karay and Bandish, continue their stories that are both unique and gripping in their own individual ways. While things take a sharper turn for the characters of Aatish and Bandish, secrets begin to come out in Dil Kia Karay! Read on to find out more about what happened this week!

Aatish (HUM Tv) MD Productions

Hina Altaf and Azfar Rehman keep giving class performances in every episode of Aatish and we love their pairing! Zara becomes increasingly paranoid for no good reason about Asma staying at their house, suspecting her of having an affair with her husband. But Sameer is merely trying to help Shehryar and Asma get back together when he finds out she was his wife all along. But when Asma does go to Shehryar and expresses joy at the fact that he’s still alive, Shehryar chooses that moment to take his anger out on her since he’s still under the impression that she killed their baby. When Sameer and Asma come back home, they face Zara’s wrath who is deluded to the point where she thinks Sameer is getting a second wife. Simultaneously, Sumbal secretly follows Asma and Sameer and finds out that Shehryar has a baby with Asma. All the things holding Asma and Shehryar apart are misconceptions caused by lack of communication, but now that Sumbal has also found out the truth, hopefully it will clear some things up with Shehryar. Again, Hina Altaf’s acting in this episode was top notch and she really shined in the emotionally wrecking scenes. Same goes for Azfar Rehman specially in the scene when he pushes Asma out of the house for the second time, and struggles to come to terms with his emotions.

Dil Kya Kare (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

Again, we are shown how Saadi and Aimen are in love and how much Aimen is happy whereas Arman is miserable and suffering from his heartbreak. It must be said that the first half of the episode was extremely repetitive as this factor has been shown to us for the past three to four episodes of the drama; it does not need to take that many episodes to prove to us that Saadi and Aimen are genuinely in love. The audience are definitely on Arman’s side, since no one else in the drama seems to understand his feelings. The end of the episode showed some kind of progress when Saadi finds out about Arman’s feelings and throws a fit instead of being understanding. Feroze Khan continues to mold the role well according to his own acting prowess and we find ourselves rooting for him throughout if it means an end to watching another cheesy interaction between Saadi and Aimen.

Bandish (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment 

We’re definitely scared of what this drama brings every week, that’s for sure! Although the first part of this double episode focused more on developing the past relationship between Madiha, Junaid and Sumbal and how it was all interlinked from the beginning. We also get more insight into Sumbal’s character and why she turned out this way. However, pity is the last thing we felt for Sumbal especially when she continues to fool Madiha. The daughters are the unfortunate victims as Sania finally finds someone she actually likes but when the family comes to ask for her hand, Sumbal’s dark magic ruins everything. Hania also falls under the influence when her mother finds her in the kitchen in the night behaving oddly. Although there aren’t many scenes to be particularly scared of this episode, we did like the undertones of darkness such as the background music or the way the youngest daughter hovered in the back as things with the suitor’s mother went bad. We can’t wait to see more of the drama!


Although all three dramas have been doing excellently in ratings overall, this week’s top drama was Aatish. And for good reason too, since we have a very talented duo leading the drama who make Aatish worth watching! Other aspects of the drama such as music, set, supporting actors and plot are also of great quality which adds to its overall effect. Dil Kia Karay and Bandish are definitely up there too but we would suggest Aatish for viewing.

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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