Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fatima Sohail’s matter seems to be escalating.After the press conference conducted by Mohsin to address the allegations against him, his wife also came forward in the press and swore that she is speaking the truth. The matter has been taken to legal authorities as well.

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After Fatima’s press conference we reached out to both parties to find out their stance. We could not reach to Fatima however Mohsin had this to say:

“I am very satisfied with what I said in the press conference, however now they are going below the belt now, like their lawyer has accused my sisters of being professional call girls in front of the SP at the police station.Both the parties were present however they were already character assassinating me, now they are also character assassinating my family.”

Commenting on Gohar Rasheed’s involvement the incident :

“Those who are claiming to be second hand witnesses were not present at the incident nor are they my neighbors. Gohar Rasheed is Sara Zubair’s boyfriend who happens to be my wife’s friend. He has spied on me from sets as well. Nazish Jahangir who is being tied to me , Gohar worked on a project with her and spied on her. Fatima was very keen about Nazish due to her speculations about us. Gohar being Sara’s boyfriend was bound to do this and I sympathize with him.”

Commenting on her press conference he had this to say:

“Lies have no basis and the truth comes put which she is spilling herself.She said it her herself that if I had gotten hurt I would have gone to the doctor I didn’t and later she released a prescription from DHA hospital of 26 November 2018. This just indicates that the prescription is old and fake. Her statement and actions are differing.”

He further added that ” I have more evidence as well which I will reveal if needed.”

We tried to reach out to Fatima for her comment as well but we were unable to connect with her.

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