After yesterday’s hearing Mohsin Abbas Haider had claimed that he was not found guilty of any allegations. While talking to Epk exclusively he revealed this and also posted a video on his social media claiming the same.

Breaking:Mohsin Abbas Haider Claims Allegations Rendered False in Court!

Fatema Sohail had accused her husband of domestic abuse and an FIR was registered under Section 406 (criminal breach of trust) and Section 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Pakistan Penal Code. The charges included that Mohsin had given Fatima life threats.

After Mohsin’s claim to have been found not guilty, his wife Fatema Sohail came out with a video of her own with her lawyer and claimed that whatever Mohsin said was not true.The investigation officer found Haider guilty of hurling threats against his wife Fatema Sohail.

“Police has found him guilty of criminal intimidation however wrongfully expunged Section 406 related to criminal breach of trust. Police is so hands in gloves with him that the moment he withdrew his bail, the investigating officer in court was supposed to arrest him immediately for being found guilty under Section 506. However, he went scot-free with a smile on his face.”

FIR Registered against Mohsin Abbas Haider

She appealed, “I demand IG Punjab to transfer my investigation to another honest officer and immediately arrest Mohsin Abbas for being found guilty for criminal intimidation as he’s not even on bail anymore.”


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