Minal Khan and Shahroze Shabzwari are coming together in Big Bang Entertainment’s next drama.The drama is titled Hasad. The two are madly in love and happy together. However, as the teaser progresses we see Arij Fatima’s character being envious of them.

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Seeing their love, she clearly feels jealous and criticizes Armaan’s love for Naintara. On the other hand, seeing their happiness, his mother wishes that their love doesn’t get caught by evil eye. Naintara will sadly be struck with misfortune as Armaan will be shot by some robbers.

The other teaser shows Minal looking at pictures and crying. We can hear all negative comments being made about her in the backdrop. She seems to be in deep sorrow of her loss and in immense shock. She will be cursed and blamed for her husband’s death.

The drama’s story seems very basic and exhibiting stereotypical mindset. The drama is giving off very sad vibes and it seem to be a depressing story. Minal looks absolutely gorgeous. The two share a beautiful chemistry on screen and we look forward to see how the story unfolds.

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The cast of the drama is certainly promising. Besides the protagonist the cast includes Noor Hassan, Arij Fatima and Saba Faisal. The serial has been directed by Bandish director Aabis Raza. The drama will begin airing sometime after Eid on ARY Digital.

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