Micheal Jackson Trial

Micheal Jackson’s final days are going to be explored in the trial that is beginning next week. The famous pop star has had a controversial life and it has been a decade since he over dosed.

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The controversies circulating the musician have been given attention again after HBO documentary Leaving Neverland alleged the singer of child abuse. The trial will however been reviewing the petition filed by Jackson’s ex- manager Tohme Tohme who entered his life in 2008, and help somewhat recover his sinking career, leading to a tour as well.

Tohme Tohme claimed that :

  • Jackson’s estate owes him 15 percent of commission that the musician earned during his last year alive.
  • Also he wants revenues from the concert film This Is It that earned massive amount.
  • And lastly he wants a finder fee for getting Jackson a loan that allowed him to keep his Neverland Ranch Home.
Micheal Jackson with ex-manager Tohme

The defendant on the other hand has claimed that the service agreement of the musician’s manager is unconscionable. In fact he got himself a very lucrative package .Furthermore, he did not fulfill his duties and stole money from his employer.

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The witnesses being presented at trial include Jackson’s mother, Katherine, his brother Jermaine, top agents and lawyers in the entertainment industry and Thomas Barrack Jr., the Donald Trump confidant whose Colony Capital spared Jackson from being evicted from Neverland after buying the loan on the property.

Tohme has also drawn comparison between himself and John Branca and John McClain, the co-executors of the Michael Jackson Estate. Comparing his work to their’s he is giving reason for his compensation.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young will make final evidentiary rulings . While the scandals had subsided over time and only his music was remembered, once again the music legend’s dark history will be coming under the microscope.


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