Critic Rating

Written by: Radain Shah

Directed by: Ali Hassan

Production house: Big Bang Entertainment

Meri Guriya came to an end with a beautiful, educative, and full of hope message. The suffering of a minor child and her family finally proved to be triumphant. From the story to the acting and direction, what not to talk about and praise? Everything was brilliant especially the scene of hanging Dabeer (Mohsin Abbas) publicly.

In this tale, Radain Shah has shown us the ugly face of our patriarchal society where criminal-minded men have no respect for the life and honor of others. This is a grieving reality of our system where women to minor girls are unsafe, even in this modern and civilized age. The pain of the kids and their families as well as the politics played by many characters – all the things crafted and portrayed by the entire team in a brilliant way. We saw the characters battling against the odds with all-out efforts, be it Dabeer, Safina (Soniya Hussyn), Shehnaz (Sania Saeed), Roshan (Shaista Jabeen), Amman Sharifan (Ayesha Khan Sr.), Yawar (Faris Shafi), Shahmeer (Sajid Hassan) or Dabeer himself. These all represent the society we live in. Then there was the priceless peace and contentment on their faces after winning the hard-fought battle. Radain Shan has shown the real face of mullah and lawyers too.

After the continuous incidents of child abuse in our country during the last few months or years, this story is a perfect eye-opener for the parents. We are in a dire need of educating our children about how to protect themselves against the possibilities of sexual abuse.

Roshan Bibi had a false belief just like every common mother that her son was an angel – innocent and pure. Sheikh gee wanted to satisfy his ego by punishing the women who raised their voice against his views. And Nawaz also took revenge from Safina by kidnapping her. But Sheikh gee had got imprisoned and Nawaz accepted his guilt in the court. The lawyer of Dabeer got defeated and couldn’t prove his client as innocent. Roshan and Amman Shareefan also apologized for their mistakes. Safina and Shehnaz fought their case bravely before the court. The writer showed in a pretty great manner the game woven around khoon-baha and how people use it for their monetary interests.

The double episode had all the arrangements of interest – suspense, grip, attention-grabbing, focus on expressions during tense situations, the message given through dialogues, the status of daughters in the patriarchal society like of our, and last but not the least a strong wake-up call for the parents about the protection of minors. The scene of hanging was shot very carefully and rightly as being the demand of the story. Throwing shoes on Dabeer was people’s natural reaction to express their disgust against him.

Full marks for the whole team especially the writer, director, and lead actors who gave us the beautiful and awakening message. We hope ARY will continue its efforts concerning social responsibility.



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