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“Meri Guriya” is an ARY serial based on child abuse, starring Sania Saeed, Sajid Hassan, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Soniya Hussain, Faris Shafi and many others. It has been written by Radain Shah and directed by Ali Hassan.

In the latest double episode, all the characters were able to connect various dots and strengthen their beliefs in Dabeer’s (Mohsin Abbas) activities related to molestation. The characters who played vital roles in providing solid proofs against him were the disable girl from the neighbourhood raped by Dabeer who tells through gestures to Dabeer’s wife that he was the molester, and Jahan Ara (Maria Khan) who sends Dabeer’s indecent messages to his father and wife, Safeena (Soniya Hussain) and tells about his late night activities at Shehnaz’s place to Shehnaz as well (Sania Saeed). Dabeer tries to take every step to stop people from gathering against him, first by getting his own wife shot during a protest which fortunately, does not turn out to be a successful plan, and also by trying to run away from the neighbourhood men’s DNA test by spending a lot of time in the bathroom, enacting epileptic attacks during the test and finally trying to run away after failing at it. However, when he is trying to run away, Safeena catches him on the road and follows him. Before leaving the city, he visits the place where he has kept his sister, Sabreen, and by following him there, Safeena is able to enter the room where Sabreen has been kept. She hits Dabeer’s head with a bat and manages to free Sabreen.

This episode marked changes in a lot of characters’ personalities. Shahmeer (Sajid Hassan) comes up as a strong supporter of his wife who is ready to stand by her and punish the molester. Jahan Ara has not remained the negative character as was visible in the previous episodes. Infact, she has turned out to be one of the pitiable victims of Dabeer used by him for the time being. Yawar’s (Faris Shari) helplessness at witnessing time and again the strange habits of his brother, proving that he is the culprit, makes us sympathize with him as well, for the revelation of one’s own sibling being a molester is extremely painful to even think about.

While the important incidents of this episode were the DNA tests of all the men and the revelation of Dabeer as the culprit before Safeena, the strongest points were the change in the characters which made them seem realistic, and marvellously written dialogues of Safeena who carefully carries out her investigation through tricky questions and short, confusing statements.

Whereas acting is concerned, “Merit Guriya” is a serial which comes as a complete package and presents all its cast members as flawless performers.


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