Finally! Danish at last maned up and delivered a thunderous slap to Shehwar. The latest episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho is being discussed all over the country thanks to Danish finally shedding his loser image and acting in a much more manlier and confident way. 

 As the drama opened, we got to see a despondent looking Roomi not wanting to meet his mother, Mehwish. A particularly impressive part of this drama is the fact that even the scenes involving a child actor are captured in a way that look realistic and believable. The kid playing Roomi, Shees Sajjad Gul deserves a mention here too since he had a pretty significant part to play in this episode.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Ep 14: Phenomenal Writing & Exceptional Performances

From the onset we get to observe Danish acting like somebody who is going through immense grief and anxiety. He displays symptoms of clinical depression.  He can hardly answer straight and is always looking for ways to avoid confrontation. When Shehwar threatens him with serious legal consequences, Danish sounds apologetic and pathetic. He immediately cedes to Shehwar’s demands.  Humayun has done a pretty good job portraying such a broken charcter.

Nadeem Baig crafted a pretty good episode that was filled some very high emotional content. One scene had everybody shook. While Danish was walking with sadness apparent on his face and Roomi was crying in his own bed, Mehwish was dancing to the rhythm of Shehwar’s piano tunes. The scene perfectly encapsulates the bitterness and heartache being felt by the two guys after what they perceive as Mehwish betraying them. These kinds of scenes have elevated the drama to a level where it is at.

A major theme that is highlighted across the length of this drama serial is that a weak man always loses out in life. Even Roomi thinks that Danish is his weakness and not his strength. The writer, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has come up with a script that has reversed the stereotypical roles reserved for the woman and man in a typical Pakistani Drama. Instead of seeing a weak woman and an abusive man wrecking her life we now get to see the opposite as weak man is wrecked by the woman.

 As the episode progressed, we get to see a gradual change within Danish. He tells Ms. Hania that now he will act like a brave man. Bravely he acted indeed. A new and improved Danish went straight to Shehwar’s office. With his new found swag, Danish hit Shehwar with a slap. It was not a Mike Tyson right hook but the damage was done. Danish absolutely humiliated Shehwar. A daunting figure like Shehwar was reduced to a pathetic and a weak man. The transition arc was complete. Danish is now a changed man.

Top 5 Popular Dramas Of The Week: Meray Paas Tum Ho Takes The Internet By Storm

It is not easy playing characters with negative shades but both Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui deserve some credit for playing such different roles. It would be interesting to see what kind of role would Hira Mani’s character, Ms. Hania play in the future storyline since this episode had very limited scenes involving her character. With this episode the story has taken an unexpected twist and will the future episodes have more twists? The next episode is going to reveal a lot.


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