“Mere Khudaya” is an ARY serial written by Samina Ejaz and directed by Shahood Alvi. It stars Suboor Aly, Zubab Rana, Hassan Niazi and many others along with Shahood Alvi himself.

The latest episode showed painful incidents related to the lives of Aleena (Zubab Rana) and Mehak (Suboor Aly). Mehak’s parents finally leave the city on the insistence of Mehak’s father, leaving her to the mercy of her impolite husband (Hassan Niazi) and his ill-mannered children. Her husband is told by the driver that Mehak was kicked out of her house by her father, who in return, also starts to doubt Mehak’s character. Moreover, his children also treat her badly and even while addressing her, call her a “naukrani” (maid). Mehak’s only support in the house, the middle-aged maid is also fired because she stands up against the insulting behaviour being shown towards Mehak.

On the other hand, Aleena finally falls into the trap created by Sajid (Shahood Alvi) and to keep her love affair with Shehzad hidden, agrees to meet Sajid alone, who then takes her to a vacant house and rapes her.

The scene in which Sajid is about to pounce on her and the scene suddenly shifts towards Aleena’s mother losing control was well-executed, hiding the idea of how a mother’s heart is attached to her children and she can receive hints if her children are in a difficult situation.

The difficult thing to decide in this episode was if Aleena’s condition is pitiable or not. It is after she is raped that she is made to realize by the rapist that like him, she is also an indecent human being because she would lie to her mother and brother about college and would meet her boyfriend instead. Rape, in this case, does come as a punishment but again, it cannot be generalized and associated with all women. Also, the punisher being a sinner himself does not make the punishment valid. One can only say that Aleena’s betrayals and her activities leading to Mehak’s defaming resulted in her own character becoming stained.

The important thing in this episode was Aleena’s realization that she was being cheated by Shehzad, for in the most difficult situation, he refused to attend her call and left the city.

The episode ended on Sajid sitting beside the grave of his mother and apologizing for another rape he committed. It seemed to present another side of the story in the case of Sajid but someone whose look is unbearable and who has been raping girls consistently does not succeed in making us sympathize with him. Let’s see what other step he takes to really make the viewers believe that he has changed.

On the whole, it was Mehak’s character throughout the episode which was the most pitiable and worthy of sympathizing with. The coming episodes have to tell till when will the ordeals of Mehak continue and in order to prove her innocence, will the writer have to disclose Aleena’s activities?


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