Critic Rating

Writer: Sameena Ejaz

Director: Shahood Alvi

Produced by: iDream Entertainment

The latest episode of “Mere Khudaya” was full of some more depressing events with no sign of positivity and hope. Aleena (Zubab Rana) gets to know that her brother’s shop has been sold. While she is already upset over this, her mother passes away, leaving her all alone. Qasim (Hassan Niazi) comes down to domestic violence and starts spending nights with another woman, who is actually deceiving him and is after his wealth, for which she also sends a driver, telling Qasim that he will manage the pick and drop off his children. The driver, observed well by Mehak (Suboor Aly) at first sight makes her realize that his motive is not the children, but the house. However, despite her warning, Qasim refuses to listen to her and appoints the man as the children’s driver, making us look forward to another disturbing event, this time related to the children. The only positive thing was Mehak’s support from the tutor’s side as well as from the children, but their insignificance in the household does not render their support as influential.

The episode mostly focused on Aleena’s growing depression, adding to the intensity of which was the OST to which justice has been done.  Its sad composition and the plaintive voice of the singer goes well with the sadness prevailing throughout the story.

The performers are doing their roles very well, be it Hassan Niazi in a dominating role or Suboor Aly and Zubab Rana in sad roles, but we need some pleasant event in the story now. It has been 18 episodes and no hope, no positivity, and no feel-good scene have been shown which may make the audience take a sigh of relief. The depression exuded from the story needs to end and the events need to take comforting turns.

What keeps us curious about the coming episodes is Aleena’s future. Now that she is all alone, what will she do and where will she go? Will Mehak and Aleena come across again someday?


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