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Writer: Sameena Ejaz

Director: Shahood Alvi

Producer: iDream Entertainment

The latest episode of “Mere Khudaya” had some pleasant scenes which came as a relief to the viewers. The children start accepting Mehak (Suboor Aly) as a part of their lives and instead of ridiculing her, start respecting her. They play with her, share their problems with her and show no hesitation in being dressed up by her for school and parties. Her husband (Hassan Niazi) also shows some consideration towards her and takes her out with the children for shopping and then for dinner. It is at dinner that his mood swings once again when the waiter calls Mehak his daughter. This makes him furious and he decides to hold his Waleema with Mehak and announce it to everyone that they are a married couple. This he does in the last scene when his daughter, Nida’s birthday celebrations are going on and he announces that Mehak is his wife, which comes as a surprise to all the guests who start gossiping and shocks the children, who leave the party in anger, shattering our hopes regarding Mehak’s happiness which had been raised.

While this story and its actions in the episode were convincing, what was confusing was Sajid’s (Shahood Alvi) character. The previous episode had ended on Sajid lamenting his activities while sitting on the grave of his mother and promising never to do any such thing again. In this episode, his actions were again quite contradictory and except for one scene in which he is shown walking out of a mosque, Sajid was shown blackmailing Aleena (Zubab Rana) throughout and asking her to meet him. It is acceptable that changes in personalities do not take place overnight but at least there should have been one to two scenes showing that Sajid is really guilty and gradually changing. But things were completely opposite in comparison with the previous episode’s depiction of the character.

Suboor Aly is phenomenal as an oppressed innocent girl and Hassan Niazi is also quite convincing in the presentation of his complex character. Shahood Alvi’s gestures make him look like a real molester. The actor playing Waseem could have been replaced by a renowned actor, or some hardwork could have been done on the same actor’s performance, for the character is quite important; that of Aleena’s husband.

“Mere Khudaya”, in its presentation, is quite grey. Its look, complemented by the shades of dresses, walls and furniture comes as very dull and un-appealing. It can be justified if one focuses on the themes of the drama such as sexual harassment, betrayal, loneliness, parents’ ignorance but if looked at without bringing these ideas in, it gives a very unattractive look.

For the coming episodes, what keeps us curious is the children’s behaviour towards Mehak. Now that they know that she is their mother, will they remain nice to her? Will Aleena now confess that Mehak was innocent, since she frequently recalls her advices and realizes now that Mehak was sincere to her? What will she do to Shehzad, about whose deception she has no doubt now?


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