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Ever since Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan starrer Meray Pass Tum Ho began , we have made it a point to follow it weekly as besides having an ace cast on board which also includes Adnan Siddiqui , the narrative of the story is engaging ,simple as well as relatable . 

Written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar , he has always penned down stories from the heart which deal with human emotions In a beautiful way as was seen last night where Danish fully aware that his wife Mehwish was lying to him about everything  , continued to have faith in her which honestly touched our heart and made us realize that men like him even today do exist in the society .

Meray Pass Tum Ho|Episode 8|Humayun Saeed|Ayeza Khan|ARY Digital

An extremely crucial episode which is about to enter a new twist, the one thing which makes the drama stand out in front of our eyes is the fact that each week we get to see different shades in the personality of all the characters and that is quite refreshing as in majority of our dramas the emphasis on character development is not stressed upon as much as it should be . 

One of the most loved scene which tugged at our heart  was when Danish sees Mehwish at the airport with Shahwar , deeply hurt he takes her home on his bike. But where we expected him to be livid he remains calm and handles the situation in a very different manner where some may call him a fool but we found it to be mature as deep down he hopes that she realizes that true love is far more important than basking in the glory of money.

Having been a fan of Humayun Saeed for a long time , as Danish we feel he has matured as an actor as besides an excellent dialogue delivery his facial expressions emote perfectly what his character is feeling especially in the scene above where he is trying to be strong but does shed a tear as he brings his wife home in the middle of the night .With perfect lighting shot on a isolated road , the drama besides a good story is appealing visually too.   

Directed by Nadeem Baig , his love for a perfect scene with focus on tiny details wins us over every time but Meray Pass Tum Ho has his signature style which was seen in Pyaray Afzal where he tells the story in a simple manner and edits the play in a way that as an audience you just don’t know when the drama began and ended as you end up loosing yourself completely in the plot so hats off to Nadeem for coming back to the small screen with such a emotional project . 

Now focusing on Ayeza Khan , somehow as Mehwish we get to see glimpses of Zoobia from Yaariyan as both characters were selfish hence she  we feel is just in a repetitive mode but since Humayun and Adnan Siddiqui are tailor made for their characters who are going to come face to face soon as Mehwish has to choose between them , the next episode of Meray Paas Tum Ho is not to be missed at any cost! 


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