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This week’s episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho showcased a flaw in the husband we thought to be the perfect one. The episode explored Danish’s possessive side when it comes to his wife and his irrational thinking.  The narrative showed the double standard and insecurities that arise as a result of Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) dancing with Shehwar (Adnan Siddique) all the while he himself danced with Anoushey!

This could be one of the reasons Mehwish will distance herself from Danish as she even admits to have gotten scared after his reaction that night. Adnan Siddique continues to be the mysterious man who has his eyes on Mehwish.

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Nadeem Baig in the director’s chair has done fantastic job in depicting this possessive side of Danish. In last episode we thought Danish as a perfect middle class husband but in just one episode Nadeem Baig made a 180 degree turn in his character as we see various shades of his character in just one episode which also tells that the episode had very good pace.

Khalil Qamar has done phenomenal job with the dialogues as we see many impactful dialogues in a single episode. Dialogues gel completely with the characters. Even though the story seemed a bit predictable yet Nadeem Baig and Khalil Qamar hooked us to the screens throughout with very interesting turn of events and brilliant dialogues. Shahwar’s character hasn’t been shown completely which keeps a good mystery about him.

Humayun Saeed steals the show with marvelous performance as a possessive husband. In every scene he manages to impress with his attitude and dialogue delivery. Ayeza Khan is consistent and looks really good. Adnan Siddiqui keeps a good wit and grace in his character. Furqan Qureshi playing Monty did really well too.

Third episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho featured some very important screens. Few scenes do make you disagree with the protagonist especially the dance scene at the start. But makers have pulled it off really well and that scene worked out big time in establishing the new shade for the character of Danish.

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Overall, it was another winner episode from Meray Pass Tum Ho as the drama continues to impress in signature Nadeem Baig style. Khalil Qamar is in form like always whereas Humayun Saeed is giving towering performance.


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