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Meray Pass Tum Ho excels in story telling while keeping the narrative simple and relatable. The dialogues of the drama were profound and engaging.They reveal so much about the character traits and thought process of both Mehwish(Ayeza Khan) and Danish (Humayun Saeed).

Meray Pass Tum Ho: A realistic depiction of plight of a common man

Mehwish has countless desires, her lust to have a luxurious lifestyle is something she continuously complains about, knowing well enough that he cannot provide it. Where as Danish is a sincere husband who loves his wife so much that he is willing to comprise his principles and accept bribes as well. Mehwish in her materialistic desperation cannot see things through.

Both Danish and Mehwish’s priorities are very different and they will probably become the reason for them to drift apart.Though Mehwish ruins Danish’s surprise he still does not react badly instead he worries about her taking loan from her friend. For sake of her happiness he doesn’t even tell her that he had bought the necklace for her.

The episode introduced Adnan Siddique’s character as Anoushay’s brother’s charming super rich boss. In just a casual conversation between Anoushay and Mehwish we got to know his backstory and what to expect from him. He has his eyes fixated on Mehwish from their first meeting and he seems like the sort who wouldn’t be so shy to make a move on her. Though his presence in the episode was limited his body language and expression said a lot about his character.

There weren’t any new developments in the story except introducing a new character in the drama. Even so the episode was well paced. The way Humayun and Ayeza play their characters, we can truly relate with their characters. The way Danish’s love is shown through little things is what makes us feel sorry for him and wish that the apparent heartbreak in the upcoming episodes does not happen.

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Nadeem Baig carries the story well and the episode kept us engaged throughout. At this point the story seems pretty straightforward and we can anticipate what is about to come. However how will the events unfold and the surprises that we do not suspect, are what we look forward to in the upcoming episodes of Meray Pass Tum Ho.

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