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The highly anticipated episode of the hit drama serial, “Meray Pass Tum Ho” managed to hit all the right marks and pull all the emotional chords as it took the story forward to new grounds. The episode started a few months later from where we were last left off.  We see a heartbroken Danish (Humayun Saeed) struggling to cope with life after Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) and his interaction with Mateen Sahab (Mohammad Ahmed) at the start set a very gloomy tone for the entire episode.

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Divorces can really hit the children very hard and we get to see this captured really well in this episode. Roomi is now struggling at his new boarding school and this dilemma really hits an already distraught Danish very hard. The scene at Roomi’s principal’s office was done nicely. We also got to see the introduction of Hira Mani’s character as Ms. Hania, Roomi’s teacher. It’s not easy to come in to a show so far into it’s run with so many established actors dominating the proceedings but Hira Mani has made her presence felt and gave us a sense that she belonged right there. It will be interesting to see how her character becomes more integral to the story.

Humayun Saeed & Hira Mani in Meray Pass Tum Ho
Humayun Saeed & Hira Mani in Meray Pass Tum Ho

Moving forward, we get to see Danish having a very heartfelt talk with his son, Roomi. The whole scene was very emotional and Humayun Saeed was particularly impressive in the scene. It gave some vibes from the 1979 Hollywood classic, Kramer vs Kramer where we also got to see a father and his son fighting with a very difficult situation. The way Danish described the whole situation to Roomi was very poignant and perhaps that is why Meray Pass Tum Ho has amassed such a big following in the last few weeks.

meray pass tum, ho review episode13
Humayun Saeed and Sheez In Meray Pass Tum Ho

Unlike so many of the Pakistani dramas of the recent past, Meray Pass Tum Ho has managed to keep the story gripping and relatively fast paced so far deep into its run. In a contrast from Danish’s arc in the story, we get to see Mehwish and Shehwar having the time of their lives and making their return back from Europe. It’s as if Mehwish has no remorse for the hurt she has caused and this is very jarring to observe.

One of the reasons why this drama serial is such a massive hit and managed to pull so many eyeballs is the fact that Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s writing is so unconventional and controversial. It is perhaps the first time in a Pakistani drama that a woman and a man are implied living in an unmarried relationship in such a blatant way. At one point, we do get to see Mehwish questioning the nature of her relationship to Shehwar and his reply was very chilling indeed. Maybe Mehwish has made the wrong decision to leave Danish. We might find this out in the coming episodes.

Mohammad Ahmed In Meray Pass Tum Ho

All the three main cast members have so far put on some stellar acting displays but in this episode the veteran actor, Muhammad Ahmad puts on an inspiring acting display as Mateen Sahab. The way his character broke down explaining his past transgressions and his relationship with his ex-wife was particularly impressive. His last scene on the show was something not to be missed.

Nadeem Baig as the director has the expertise to deliver on something as different like Mere Pass Tum Ho and so far has managed the right kind of execution. The show has so far been captivating and sets up nicely for the future episodes. The pacing of the show is commendable and the story feels very unique and fascinating which is why everybody will be waiting for the next episode.

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