Meray Paas Tum Ho has become this humongous hit and completely changed the landscape of Pakistani television. The 14th episode of the drama serial has evolved into a story about “male victim hood” in the Pakistani society that started from a story about a regular Pakistani family. This is rarely seen on our television screens. The 14th episode primarily focuses on the plight of Danish after his run of miserable luck continues. On the other hand, we get to see Mehwish realizing a change in attitude by Shehwar alongside a sudden desire to get her son, Roomi back in her life.

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Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has written a very powerful script that ventures into an uncharted territory as nobody has really explored what goes through a man’s life after his wife cheats on him and leaves him for another man. Huamyun Saeed as Danish, perfectly essays a heartbroken and a grief stricken personality. As we go deeper into the story, the atmosphere has become gloomier for Danish but will it change?

The introduction of Hira Mani as Ms. Hania is a welcome addition to the drama. This particular episode had her first substantial scenes as a regular feature on the show and they certainly were noteworthy. In a bizarre twist of fate, Hania and Danish ended up meeting each other after an accidental swap of smartphones between Danish and Hania’s deceased father, Mateen sahib. The chemistry between the two characters felt natural and would be interesting element in the upcoming episodes of the drama.

The director, Nadeem Baig has kept a very somber tone for this episode. There was hardly any departure from the darkness that has been built up in the narrative. This episode had some intense and captivating moments also. The confrontation between Mehwish and Danish was one of those moments. After Mehwish returns to Danish’s flat to demand that she be allowed to see her son Roomi, we see a powerfully constructed scene with some major acting performance by the two leads.

Adnan Siddiqui is enjoying resurgence in popularity with his portrayal of the main antagonist, Shehwar. Despite a limited presence in this episode, it is always fascinating to watch his scenes. One major takeaway from this episode can be the shift in attitude by Shehwar towards Mehwish. Is Mehwish just a short term source of happiness for him? By the end of the episode, we see Shehwar showing his disinterest in pursuing any legal channel to get Roomi and do not seem too excited at the thought of Roomi living in his house.

Towards the end, when we see Mehwish going to Roomi’s boarding school, it was particularly heart-breaking to observe a traumatized Roomi hiding behind the tree. The scene represented some emotionally compelling drama. Ayeza Khan was particulary impressive in this phase. At the end we were left with a situation where Mehwish was not allowed to take Roomi with her and was required some sort of permission to do so.

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Everybody kind of expects a Khalil ur Rehman Qamar script to have an ending that is going to be bitter and depressing but at the same time It would be interesting to see how the story unfolds for the broken couple, Mehwish and Danish. Will it all end in tragedy? Or is there some joy at the end of the tunnel? The next episode might tell more.


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