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Last night saw the airing of the highly anticipated episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho on Ary Digital which was just as exciting as the last one because now we are more curious than ever to know what exactly happened in the hotel room between Mehwish and Shahwar essayed brilliantly by Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui as the drama continues to be surrounded in mystery making us not want to miss a single episode from here on.

Initially we found the drama a bit slow for our liking as we didn’t understand why Danish was so blinded by his love for Mehwish but the past few episodes have been riveting as they had the perfect blend of romance ,heart break and selfishness – a combination which sadly has taken over our relationships in the society. Depicting reality , the reason why Mere Pass Tum Ho touches a chord with us is because for a change a woman is shown as wanting to ruin her perfectly peaceful life in chase for money and does not see the love in her husbands eyes for her which Danish  (Humayun Saeed) keeps on repeating as seen even last night on numerous occasions.

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Having forgiven Mehwish for going with Shahwar , one might say that Danish is a fool but if you think logically than here is a man who just wants to save his marriage and chooses to not react to whatever she says because he does not want to give her a reason to leave him and their son .But to see him go through such emotional pain one felt sorry for Danish and the scene where he stands out on the balcony after hearing how she was fed up of him literally made us want to reach in to our TV screen to say ‘leave her Danish , you deserve better ‘ . 

With the episode focusing more on Mehwish not allowed to work with Shahwar any more and being asked to choose between him and Danish , Ayeza Khan won us over with her portrayal of such a complicated character who only loves herself and will go to any length to achieve what she desires. But will her hasty decisions prove beneficial for her  is what only time will tell.

Now where we love Humayun Saeed , it is Ayeza Khan who held the recent episode as she showed the versatility in her acting by switching between being a dotting mother to a wife and then a girl friend of a play boy as in one particular scene she was doing all three with such ease that we realized having Ayeza back on the small screen is a delight as she manages to dive in to the skin of every character she plays making it realistic for us the viewer and that we feel makes her a powerful actress as she succeeds in making sure that Mehwish does not gain the sympathy of the viewers as the path she is choosing for herself is wrong .

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Shahwars deep interest in Mehwish has begun to show and that is alarming Danish as well as us . Another thing which makes the drama a must watch is the writing of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar as each word of his is from the heart and shows the relationship of all three characters beautifully but the dialogue which we simply loved was when Mehwish said that she did nothing wrong to which Danish tells her that she did but he has not called it a sin and she should look at him without guilt so he too can keep his head high . 

So a emotionally charged play , director Nadeem Baig does not disappoint as he brings forth Mere Pass Tum Ho as a welcome change where it deals with the heart break of a man . A well edited as well as a shot project , we simply love how he manages to capture the night time of Karachi through a lonely road and street lights as these scenes sum up the emotional turmoil which is going on in Danishs mind very well.

Other than bringing an unusual serial, full score goes to Nadeem Baig for shooting such a marvelous serial. Nadeem Baig is an ace director who has given us three huge blockbuster films in the shape of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani series and Punjab Nahi Jaungi and the shades of his film direction can be seen in Meray Pass Tum Ho too where wide angels of the shots are fantastic reminding us of his film work. Also, the way he has captured every scene in a big filmi style makes this serial really stand out among other on going dramas.

With the episode ending on Shahwar wanting to pay Danish off for acquiring Mehwishs love , the last bit gave us the Indecent Proposal vibe where Adnan Siddiqui proved how ruthless his character really was .

All actors on board Mere Pass Tum Ho are doing a splendid job including the versatile Muhammad Ahmed as he plays the trusted and older friend of Danish whom we are sure will play a pivotal role in his life in the coming weeks . So how did you like last nights episode ? Do share with us in the comment box below.  


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