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Produced by: iDream Entertainment

Written by: Samina Aijaz

Directed by: Shahood Alvi

In the 17th episode of Meray Khudaya, not many changes were there. The problems of Aleena (Zubab Rana), as well as Mehek (Saboor Aly) are ongoing. Another addition to the difficulties of Aleena is that Khalid, who has been the helper of Kashif (Paras Masroor) on the medical store, is now the sole executive. First, he gave not enough amount to Mehek and then he gave the papers of the store to another man. It clearly means that the medical store is now sold out to a new person and Aleena is totally unaware of all that. It becomes pretty evident now that she has to step out of home for a living.

The women in neighbors think that Kashif may be involved in the illegal drug business, and Aleena too is a negative personality. Due to these things, Kashif died because of a sudden heart attack and Aleena got divorced from Waseem (Usman Patel). Aleena is so immature that in anger she revealed about her divorce. Now the neighbors will not let her live peacefully and their taunts will no less painful for her. A grave aloneness has come to the nerves of Aleena. Her mother (Shaheen Khan) is no more than a dead one and in continuous comma state. She wants to apologize from Mehek but only gets disappointment after knowing that her family has left the home. She has no clue where Mehek is at the moment.

On the other side, Mehek is in hot waters due to the doubtfulness of Qasim (Hassan Niazi). She tries hard to keep the kids happy as it is the only way to please Qasim. But all in vain, rather she has to bear the pain of constant humiliation. Despite being the wife of Qasim, she is also a singular person like Aleena. Her father (Sohail Asghar) has moved to somewhere else so she can’t go back home. Mehek has no option left except tolerating whatever comes to her way.

Sajid (Shahood Alvi) has got disappeared after destroying the future of Aleena. He has to leave the job of van driver because of the fear of being exposed by Aleena. Now he is facing financial problems which are going to grow with the passage of time. It seems that Aleena has also some plans to teach him a lesson.

The viewers are waiting for an immediate change in the story. Saboor Aly and Zubab Rana both are performing according to the characters but the story has got a bit stuck. Mehek is totally under the influence of Qasim and has no support from the parents. However, Aleena can do something or the other for bringing a change in her life. She desperately needs to come out of her home and rejoin the college or do a job. This is the only way out to break the jinx. Let’s see what is coming to the way of both Aleena and Mehek in the next episode.


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