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Production house: iDream Entertainment

Written by: Samina Aijaz

Directed by: Shahood Alvi

We saw a huge change in the 15th episode of Meray Khudaya in the form of Kashif’s death. Girls like Aleena have to conceal their wrongdoings from brothers and father and bad men like Sajid take full advantage of this. This is a growing problem of our society. The concept of honor here is that females must be modest and stay in certain limits, otherwise, the honor of the family will be ruined.

Talking about the story and screenplay, Aleena has ruined her life and of Mehek because of her lies and deceitful nature. Though these female characters exist in our society, however, instead of teaching girls how to avoid such things, Samina Aijaz has shown Aleena as negative. Now after the secret of wrongdoings of Aleena is open to Kashif and he has died, a huge chaos has entered into her life.

Kashif is a very traditional brother, so is Waseem. Now after knowing about the reality of Aleena, Waseem might refuse to marry her. Zahid has also done wrong with Mehek and got her married with Qasim to save the so-called family’s honor. If these characters were positive toward the problem created by Sajid and Aleena, things would have been a much more positive impact on viewers.

On the other hand, Mehek is also facing the problems created as a result of the blame put on her by Aleena. After marriage with Qasim, her role in no more than a maid to take care of the kids and home. She has no respect in the eyes of her father and now is compelled to tolerate the anarchy created due to Aleena. She must be bold enough to tell her father all the truth and Zahid should have been done more trust in her. Mehek is innocent, why she is silently enduring all the pains? This is a big question mark to which the viewers must have an answer.

Shahood Alvi has done a great job as director. The pace of the episode was good and things were changing quickly. Shoots have been done on real locations and the hospital chosen for the scene in episode 15 was giving a real look as opposed to a repeatedly used location in many dramas.

At the end of this episode, the viewers are expecting more sufferings for Aleena which is quite evident. Mother is not talking to her and even Waseem has taken her very harshly. She has got isolated and now Mehek should not help her as she deserves the same. The evil of Sajid must also come to the surface and he should be shown enduring severe punishment.

We expect the coming episode as more conflicting for Aleena, Sajid, and Mehek.


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