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Thursday Drama Reviews: Aangan Vs Hania Vs Mera Rab Waris

Aangan (Hum Tv) MD Productions

Azhar returns back home this episode and the relationship between Alia and Jamil is explored more as Chammi undergoes rapid changes. There were many interactions between Alia and Chammi that showed a changed approach to each other, which we must say is disappointing since we were really hoping the two main female leads would be friends onscreen!

Do Bol Creates A Unique Record : leads on 2 days!

Chammi also has fallen under the impression that Manzoor loves her, yet she rejects anything else related to love ever since her falling out with Jamil. As always, the visuals of Aangan are beautiful and well-made, but are not complemented by the story itself which has started becoming bland.


If only the plot moved on to more action and less of Alia and Jamil’s love story, Aangan would be a treat to watch and understand! Props however should be given to the excellent set and camerawork because that’s really the saving grace of Aangan in the end.

Hania (ARY) Six Sigma Production

This was one of the better episodes of Hania we have seen so far! Hania and Rohan are still home when Junaid suddenly returns. Panicked, Hania makes Rohan leave and pretends to be asleep. But Junaid finds out quick enough and when he tries to hit Hania, they are interrupted by the police and Rohan.

Hania is rescued from Junaid by her family and taken back home to safety but now her mental health falls apart and she is in a delicate situation. Junaid also manages to get out of jail and now won’t leave Hania safe any longer.

Do Bol makes us fall in love with Geeti & Badar with every episode

The scene where Junaid tries to find who had been with Hania is honestly really well-executed and Junaid Khan adapts to that scene pretty naturally. However, the actress who plays Hania really underplays the character and it is underwhelming, to say the least.

Mera Rab Waris (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

To convince his mother to let him marry Ayesha, Haris throws a fit and throws things about in order to guilt his mother into going to Ayesha’s house to ask for her hand. His plan works but that doesn’t mean his sisters and mother are happy with his choice! The sisters especially are so resistant to having someone like Ayesha be a part of their family that they once again refuse to attend the wedding. But Haris and his father set a date and finalize things with Ayesha’s family.

Mera Rab Waris

Another person who gets hurt amidst this is Faizan who is unable to say anything as he still loves Ayesha and is hurting on the inside. The execution of the story is impressive but at some point I feel like the reasoning behind Haris’ mother’s refusal to let him marry a girl like Ayesha is lost.

Sami Khan & Yumna Zaidi impress us in Inkaar!

No doubt the drama makes a good point in raising light on the elitist attitudes of Pakistani families but for many watching that is not evident. The acting is on-point and Madiha Imam does a delightful job while Jahanzeb Qamar’s script works really well on-screen.


Overall, Mera Rab Waris ticks all of our boxes in terms of storyline, directing, acting and cinematography! Hania and Aangan each have wonderful qualities but they simply have one or two aspects missing which makes them miss the mark. So in the end Mera Rab Waris wins in our opinion because it simply outshines the other two.

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