Mera Rab Waris

Last week on Thursday, Baba Jani was replaced by a new drama Mera Rab Waris. The drama stars Madiha Imam and Danish Taimoor as the lead couple. It appears to be a love story which will unfold between the duo while both these characters appear to be poles apart.

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On one hand we have Ayesha who is religious and firm in her beliefs. She seems to have a pleasant and warm presence with which she touches everyone around her. Her positive approach towards life and strong faith in Allah is the basis of her character. She not only cares for her family but also for her childhood friend Faizan and gives him genuine advice.

On the other hand, we have Haris who is a spoiled brat who has weak morals. The first episode has piqued our interest as to what will bring the two characters together as they clearly have nothing in common and are not compatible at all. So what will pull Haris towards Ayesha?

With just one episode in, the story is still developing, it will be interesting to see Danish’s character develop and evolve for the better. The story so far seems cliche but if executed well, it can turn out to be a beautiful love story. Danish Taimoor’s natural charm and the purity of Aisha’s character can bring forward a compelling story of a strong female lead.

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