Mera Rab Waris

We already have two good dramas airing on Thursday, Aangan and Mera Rab Waris, respectively. Now another drama has been added as Ramazan Special which is winning fans over and that is none other than Suno Chanda. So which one to choose from? Read on to find out.

Aangan (Hum TV)

Aangan’s story has become interesting, and last week’s episode made us all teary as we witnessed Chammi’s lively soul wilt as she gets married to an older man. Another death in the drama occurred and Jameel remained a no show. What will tonight’s episode offer is something worth watching.

Listen To The OST of Aangan.

Mera Rab Waris (Geo TV)

Tonight will be yet another double episode of Mera Rab Waris, Aisha and Haris are married and Faizan is mourning loss of Aisha.The pace of the story has gotten a bit slow. Aisha is the best character of the show. Her dialogues are absolutely beautiful and filled with wisdom. It will be interesting to see their story begin .

Listen TO The OST Of Mera Rab Waris.

Suno Chanda 2 (Hum TV)

While the first two are serious dramas, Suno Chanda offers comedy and light hearted entertainment. The drama will be airing throughout Ramazan. The characters and narrative a nice break from the routine dramas, so be sure to check it out. 

Listen To The OST Of Suno Chanda 2.


Thursday has become very hard with all drama having some good quality. Mera Rab Waris offers a sweet story so be sure to check it out if you have been following that. Suno Chanda is off to a great start and is definitely worth the watch.


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