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Asad Jabal directed Mera Rab Waris has been consistent in terms of its narrative.The drama is an engaging love story that does not just concentrate on the protagonists but involves all characters in a balanced manner. One aspect in which the drama has managed to stand out is the different approach it has adopted while dealing with conflict. We have seen that whenever the characters were faced with one, they resolved it maturely without much exaggeration.

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Just when we thought that Mera Rab Waris was handling major issues intelligently, after last night’s episode we are not so sure anymore. The threat of Aisha’s character assassination has been bouncing around for quite some time now. The way that events have unfolded is undoubtedly interesting but the way Haris holds court for Aisha , and her reluctance to prove her innocence gave us major Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan flash backs.

We often see this problem in dramas that a strong institution like marriage is portrayed so weak and is easily toppled by any random person coming in with an accusation. The time when Ayla tried to create a rift, Aisha was given sufficient reason to fall for her lies. But in Haris’ case all he had is the word of a man. While Aisha’s reason to rebuke everything that has happened is understandable, it has only made things worse for her. At the same time, for a husband so dedicated to his wife, Haris believing everything was a let down.

We are left confused and heartbroken at the latest development in the drama.Mera Rab Waris has a variety to offer in form of its characters and Aisha is undoubtedly a positive and admirable character of the serial. Madiha Imam continues to carry Aisha with grace, where as we saw some change in Haris which was transitioned well by Danish Taimoor. The way he expressed his shock and heartbreak was remarkable.

Seemi Pasha and Tipu Sharif play the villain effortlessly. The audacity with which their characters are forwarding their agenda is a nice touch in the drama.

The dialogues of the episode as always were beautiful and the episode maintained a great pace, however the events of this episode left us baffled.The episode took a drastic turn and we hope that matters wrap up before they escalate or exaggerate.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Mera Rab Waris?

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