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Last night’s episode introduced the much feared storm of Mera Rab Waris. Mazhar has played his cards right and we are seeing red flags for Aisha now. The drama has managed to maintain a great pace and introduced incidents at the right time.

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Ayla continues to play the Bechari card in her attempts to trap Haris yet it is not working.On the other hand Nimra’s mother insecurities about her daughter continue to be problematic however some how manageable. The real concern that this episode brought will wreck havoc in lives of Aisha and Haris.

The drama has gotten extremely interesting the way the narrative has unfolded credit goes to Jahanzeb Qamar and Asad Jabal for creating such interesting content. The dialogues of the drama were simple but they served their purpose well. The character development of all characters is admirable and the fact that some still take us by surprise is great.

Danish and Madiha ‘s presence was limited in this episode. Madiha continues to impress us as Aisha and Danish is decent as Haris. Shameen Khan as Ayla is the conniving villain and doing great in the avatar. Anamta Qureshi and Mirza Zain Baig are giving convincing performances. Semi Pasha is also doing exceptional as the cynical mother in law. Tipu Sharif as Mazhar as his own flavor of evilness to the drama.

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With the latest development in the drama’s story, we look forward to see the ripple effect of Mazhar’s troublesome accusations. We do hope that the drama does not exaggerate this matter like it hasn’t done all previous issues.

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