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Although Haris attempts to convince Aisha of his loyalty, her doubts remain for a great deal of the episode. Their exchange is heart breaking and the dialogues are beautiful. This episode further gave fuel to the fire and matter seem to be getting out of hand now. Ayla and Haris’ mother are making full use of this opportunity. Their attempts to emotionally black mail him into sympathizing with Ayla is swaying him to care for her, and this is troublesome.

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Nimra continues to pry into Faizi’s past but all with no avail. The more she digs deeper the more we get scared for Aisha. If this misunderstanding escalates then Aisha and Haris’ distance will further increase. At the same time this can dive Faizi further away with Nimra’s continuous nagging. Her curiosity is valid yet it is becoming an annoyance.

The way the drama uses spirituality is very beautiful and it is Aisha’s faith that brings her back to Haris. The only thing that stood out in this episode was Aisha’s wisdom and reason. The way she talks to everyone and reasons with everyone backing with strong logic is admirable. In fact even when she taunts others her way of speaking is still respectful and calm. Madiha Imam makes Aisha extremely lovable, and Danish Taimoor’s depiction of a sincere Haris is heartening.

The dialogues of the drama are beautiful and what keep us hooked to the drama. While the director ensured that the episode maintained a momentum and is eventful, we do wish to see some matters put to bed instead of leaving us hanging. The drama should start tying up loose ends and move towards some resolve. We are hoping that the next episode will address the next issue that has us worried for Aisha. This will further make the episode interesting.

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