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This episode was the aftermath of the clever trick played by Ayla. Aisha and Haris are not communicating however the family has become aware of their conflict. While Haris’ mother takes pleasure in their conflict and sympathizes with Ayla after believing her lies, his father tries to set him straight.

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The drama excels in its story telling and we absolutely love how Aisha reasons with others on matters with such composure. The latest episode had her confronting Ayla and the dialogues in that sequence were absolutely wise and intelligent. Madiha Imam as Aisha is winning us over with her performance.Aisha’s belief in her marriage even after the misunderstanding is heartening. While she tells Ayla off that too very skillfully, we do hope that Aisha and Haris manage to fill the gap that is existing between them at the moment.

Haris’ sincerity and dedication is the reason he tries to find some resolve as well. The drama has been handling issues in a mellow manner. It is refreshing to see that unlike many dramas that turn people deeply in love against each other as fast as a chameleon changes color, the drama stays realistic in this aspect.

Not much happened during the episode , however it was necessary to show the aftermath of the rift that has been created. The episode showed all characters reacting to the latest development . Their response and the approach with which they process this was important to see. Haris’ response to all this matter is actually not what we expected. This has given us hope that there is still room for these two to reconcile. We do wish they had shown them confronting again in this episode. The episode left us wondering what is next for these two.

The interesting script, crisp pace of every episode, the dialogues and the tasteful execution by the director all add up to make the drama whole. We look forward to seeing how these two will work it out and we hope to see Ayla witness a terrible fate.

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